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Chris & Janice Weems
1952 South Roosevelt Rd. 4 1/2
Portales, NM 88130


This is a picture of our home in
the winter. When you drive by
our home, hopefully you will
recognize it and stop.

NOTICE: Please do not send me Text Messages,
I'm an old guy and my eyes do not work very
well anymore. Thank-You!

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We accept $75.00 as a deposit to hold any pup. This is your guarantee that we will not sell it to anyone else. You can mail a money order to the above address. Make sure you write out the address in full or we will not receive it. If you make a selection, please call us to let us know so we will not sell your choice before your money order reaches us.  We will give you 4 days to get the deposit to us unless you tell us you need more time. Thank-You!

NOTICE: The deposit is nonrefundable except when there are special circumstances.

Our Guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the puppy.
If you return the puppy after 24 hours a full refund is given.
If the puppy gets sick within 10 days, depending on the
situation, a full refund is given. We shall under no
circumstances be responsible or liable for any expenses
 incurred without written consent. In other words, if you
choose to take a sick puppy to the doctor, instead of
bringing it back to us, the expense is yours.

The Weems family has been breeding dogs for over 25 years and this has brought much enjoyment to our lives. We desire to breed the best pet quality puppies available. The genetics of our dogs are kept by myself so we do not do any inbreeding. My records are avaliable to view,all you have to do is ask.
We are situated 1/4 mile North West of Portales, so if your GPS tells you to go South or
East of Portales, Please Call Us ASAP.

Our desire to have a web page results in the necessity of helping our customers experience convience. With the price of gasoline staying at the $3.00 + level, anything we can do to save fuel is a plus. Because we are situated in Eastern New Mexico and the largest city of any size is over 2 hours away, we are trying to be creative in order to reach the folks that desire to have a pet of high quality. Our phone number is 575-218-0061.


This is Tinker Bell, she is my number 1
and she has two daughters, Black As Sin,
and Widget. Widget is 6 months
old and is a golden color. 


The one on the right is Kobe, our oldest
Sire and the rest of them are wives.


This is a sample of our white Siberian Huskys. We have reds, blacks, silvers, etc at various times.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.