My Re-Homing Page

I would like to find good Home for Hades (he is neutered ). Must have secure yard and good fences. Good loving forever home. (Huskies) Call or text for information. There is a adoption fee.


Some updated pictures of Hades he’ll be 2 years pld in May. Shy with strangers.

Older Cocker Spaniels :

Cockers to rehome: Linda (4 years), Butterfinger (6 years), Debra (12years) very shy, Brownie ( 5 years) she has one eye a sweetheart and Goldie 4 years old.

Requirements must have a fenced in good yard. Must be willing to make them part of your family; if things do not go well with them as you thought. Must bring them back to me. I do not want them going to a rescue, pound, or hopping from home to a different home. A good home for the rest of their lives with lots of love and snuggle time. So they will truly know they are loved and wanted.

Brownie 5 Years old

Linda 4 Years old

Butterfinger 6 Years old

Older Dachshunds: