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These are the ones of the older Husky's we're trying to find forever homes.  

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NOTICE: At times we have
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adoption to forever homes.
 "Good" Forever homes. 


This is the only little boy out of Chopper and Cricket. He will be ready  3-1-20 $500.00  SOLD  to Patricia A


Here is another beautiful black girl from Chopper and Cricket. She will be ready for a loving family and a forever home on 3-1-20  $500.00  SOLD to Tony & Maribel V


Brownie and Tail are the parents of this beautiful female puppy. Brownie is chocolate in color and Tail is buff in color, that is why I can't get light colored pups. This girl will be ready on March 10th.  $500.00 


Brownie and Tail are the parents of this beautiful boy Cocker Spaniel. Brownie's mother has produced more puppies than any other mother Cocker Spaniel. This boy will be ready around March 10th.  $450.00


This beauty is out of Kitty and Baxter. We were going to retire Kitty, but she ended up with child so we waited until birth day and she delivered 3 nice puppies. Now Janice wants to mate her with a new male that is red with a liver nose like Kitty has. This is a girl puppy and she will be ready 3-26-20.  $650.00

We have 3 red Mini Dachshunds on the bottom of this page.


Cricket and Chopper produced this CUTE GIRL PUPPY.  Black cockers to me groom up better than other colors, I think that it is because black puppies are so shiny. This beautiful girl is priced  at $500.00, and will be ready around or brfore March 1, 2020. SOLD to Jamila


This is a sable girl from Chopper and Cricket. The sable is one of my husbands favorite colors. SOLD to Cory. Ready 3-1-20 $500.00


Brownie and Tail are the parents of this nice looking male puppy. I think that this boy will eventually be black/tan, we will have to wait and see. He will be ready on March 10th. $450.00  SOLD to Dayjia


This male pup was SOLD to Cassidy. This puppy is out of Izzy and DP,This is one of the most beautiful litters that we have seen in our kennel. He will be ready around the 24th of February. Thank-you Cassidy and enjoy.$650.00 


This is a boy out of Kitty and Baxter. Like his sister he is beautiful. Janice wants to keep the sister but, I like her but no we are full and wanting to downsize. This boy will be ready around 3-26-20.  $600.00


This is another girl from Cricket and Chopper. Her color is called Brown/Sable You never know what color they will end up as, It is always interesting to see them change a little ever month. And yet some do not change at all. This girl is priced at $500.00. and will be ready around  March 1, 2020. SOLD to April C


This brown/sable boy is from Brownie and Tail. This is Tail's first litter, they look nice except that I was expecting some buff pups. This puppy will be ready March 10th.  $450.00


This beautiful girl puppy is out of Brownie and Tail. This is Janice's favorite puppy of this litter. She will be ready on March 10th. White legs and white on the muzzle. Very unique coloring, she will really stand out when groomed. $500.00 On SOLD Marcella


Brownie and Asphalt's Tail are the parents of this girl Cocker. This is my favorite Cocker puppy, she is very classy. She should sell quickly. She will be ready March 10th. $500.00  SOLD to Shay


This beautiful boy is out of Kitty and Baxter. Baxter is a great male, he is out of Oscar and that explains why Baxter is so good. We have a new red male that Janice wants to put with Kitty. This boy will be ready around 3-26-20.  $600.00

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