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This sweet puppy is out of Brownie and Chopper. It's a boy and he is a beautiful animal, that will make someone a great buddy. He will be ready on August 13th. or later. Priced at $350.00


Nice girl puppy from Linda and Kevlar. Janice says that my names for the cockers are well I won't say what she expressed. Linda is a lady that was in a class that I taught or tried to teach. She has now moved on to teach her own class. This puppy will be ready after 10-2-19.  $450.00 


All of Linda and Kevlar's puppies are especially good. We have been breeding American Cocker Spaniels for over 30 years. We have had time to develop the dogs in our kennel. Linda's sweet boy puppy will be ready after 10-2-19.  $400.00


This sweet boy is going to look like his father. This is another puppy out of Linda and Kevlar. I love the color red, many, many years ago I met this man that had a red male, we tried to get puppies out of him but, my girls, or his boy would not work together. So no babies were produced.I do not remember where we got the red color, but we have a few with red in them. This sweet boy will be ready after 10-2-19.  $500.00 On SOLD Monica


This beautiful blonde boy is out of Kensie and Chopper. This pup was a surprise, I was not expecting this color at all, but I like him alot. This beautiful blond boy will be ready after 10-17-19.  $500.00


Here is the last girl from Kensie and Chopper. She stands out and maybe she looks a little odd, sometimes the white spots go away. This sweet girl will be ready after 10-17-19. She will be 8 weeks old on that date. $450.00


This nice boy from Schnitzel and Baxter are very active for their age, they are amazing how fast they get around. This boy will be ready around 10-24-19.  $500.00


This little black boy is one of Kicksee and Cochises he is smaller than his siblings. Ready 7-19-19 $200.00


Another Sable boy,read comments I made about the other and they should apply. He is out of Linda and Kevlar. He will be ready after 10-2-19. $400.00


This Sable boy from Linda and Kevlar will surprise you every few weeks, many of them change color as they reach maturity. There are a lot of colors in his parents. He will be ready after 10-2-19.  $400.00


Some folks are worried that we will stop breeding the 3 breeds that makeup our kennel. We will not stop unless the Good Lord calls us both home. We are a team, even though our health is not getting any better. This beautiful girl Cocker has been sold, I think we have one more girl in this litter. She will be ready after 10-17-19. $450.00  


This nice girl puppy is out of Schnitzel and Baxter. The mom is one of our best producers. This beautiful girl will be ready after 10-24-19. $550.00  On Hold to Jacob and Celina. 


This sweet girl Dachshund is out of Schnitzel and Baxter. Baxter is the longest and soundest male Dachschund I have ever seen. This sweet girl dachshund will be ready around 10-24-19. Her price is $550.00


This beautiful boy has been purchased by Jared and Amber. He's from Schnitzel and Baxter. This is Baxter's first litters. He will be ready around 10-24-19.  $600.00 


This beautiful boy Dachshund is out of Honey Bee and Oscar. Everybody that has pups out of this couple are very satisfied. There are only two boys this time,  buit they are sweet. They will be ready after 9-29-19. $500.00

webassets/IMG_4304.jpgduplicate.jpgThis is a sweet Dachshund boy out of Winkie and Oscar. There are 3 boys that look very similar, I was hoping to get some piebalds, alas only one and she is a beauty. This boy will be ready by 9-29-19.  $450.00


This is a sweet girl out of Josie and Baxter. This girl is a really exciting pup, her color, her structure, and her personality, need I say more? This beautiful female puppy will be ready after 11-8-19.  $600.00


Everbody says that he is beautiful, I have a different thought on this pup.Ready11-8-19 $600.00 He is sold to Baylei.


This beautiful girl is out of Josie and Baxter. We have someone looking at her. In other words, if you like her call in the next 5 seconds. She will be ready around 11-8-19. $600.00


This beautiful and handsome boy is out of Josephine and Baxter, this is both their first litters. Ready 11-8-19. $600.00. On HOLD for Domonique.

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