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SOLD to Stephanie for $650.00. His parents are ROSIE and CHIP. He will be ready around the 22nd of February. 


This beautiful girl is out of IZZY and DP, YES I believe that this girl is Special in a lot of ways. I think that DP may produce as good as his half brother Chip. Izzy has a very good bloodline behind her also. This girl will be ready around the 24th of February. Her price is $700.00


SOLD to the Webb Family for $650.00 He is out of IZZY and DP. When DP was born he looked so lonely I moved him to another mother.. Sometimes when a mother has only one puppy her milk stops and the puppy dies. That is not good, especially when the puppy is like DP I kept a close watch on him as he grew older. I had in the back of my mind keeping him as a Breeder.  He will be ready 2-24-20.






This beautiful girl Dachshund belongs to Rosie and Chip. All Janice can say is that this girl is beautiful and I agree. I did not think that this pair of parents could do better than their first litter. This girl will be ready around 2-22-20. Her price is $700.00. 


This GOOD LOOKING boy is as pretty as any Puppy on this page. ROSIE and CHIP are the parents of this litter. He will be ready around the 2-22-20 of this new year. His price may go up if he doesn't sell soon. $650.00 I think that Janice has her eyes on him.


SOLD to Cassidy. $650.00 IZZY



 Dachshund Prices:

Females will be $700.00 Boys $650.00


SOLD to Shelly for $700.00 and she will be ready around the 22nd of February. The parents are. ROSIE and CHIP.


SOLD to John $650.00  He is out of Rosie and Chip. He will be 8 weeks old and ready on the 22 of February.


SOLD to Maribel.for $650.00. His parents are IZZY and DP. Every time we get puppies like these two litters I get excited and Janice goes completely nuts. I'm just kiding, she was nuts to marry me 52 years ago, so I do not know what to call it now. 2-24-20 is the ready date.



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