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Would like to thank everyone for the prayers you have sent our way. Greatly appericated; I'm back felling better more myself. Many have blessed us in other ways which I'm very thankful for. Especially all the pictures and updates on your new family members they lift me up to see them in their new forever homes. Thank you all and God Bless each family in a special way.

Chris and Janice Weems 
1952 South Roosevelt Rd. 4 1/2
Portales, New Mexico 88130

 Business Hours: 9:00 AM to 5PM    If you are a praying
person, please pray for Chris, that he gets well enough
to help Janice. He is going crazy staying in the house
all the time. 

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray,and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV)

Business Hours 9AM to 5PM

No Text Messages After 9:30PM 

New List on Adoption Page!
These are the ones of the older Husky's we're trying to find forever homes.  

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Meet Mercedes, daughter to
Malika and Koda. She is a
little over 3 years old at
this time. Just like her
mother,she is aloof and
a little shy. She is retired, but may have to live out her life here because of her aloof personality. 


This is a wonderful young
female called Butter Finger.
Her parents are Butter Cup
and Shrek. We will probably
mate her with Chopper in
the late Spring.


This is Feona about 1 week
from delivery. The
silver/dappled girl is
Fillamena our smallest
Mini Dachshund. In
September  of last
year we purchased 
a new male that looks
like Feona. Watch for
his picture. 


The red Mini Dachshund is
Binkie, she is a daughter
to Daisy Duke and Probie.
She has a twin sister called
Winkie, aren't  these great
names? Binkie has a new
litter from Oscar.

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We traded for Nala last summer,
she is from Colorado. She is on
break, but should have a litter
in the late Spring.


This is Mia a daughter from
Savannah and Ruddy. She
is almost a look-alike to her
mother. We mated her to a
big silver boy called Don,
she has 5 nice babies. 


Keisha's Princess is in my opinion one of the most beautiful young girls we have ever raised. Hopefully, she will be as productive as her mother. Keisha raised in her last three litters, 9,11, and 10, in 6 tries she never raised less than 9.


Savannah's Anna is a young girl born 1-7-2019. She is from Savannah's last litter forever. We kept her brother or litter-mate to be a breeder because we were cutting back the kennel size to less than 1-3rd the size we once were. Only in an emergency would we need him. My wife always says that we are older than dirt and time to cut back. 

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Meet Lady Bug, she is a
daughter of Feona and
Harley. Lady Bug is about
7 months old in this picture.

My dogs are a big part of the reason I find joy in my life. God of course is the most important thing.

This is Spirit's Mary, Her mother is one of my favorites. Mary is named after a good friend in Sunday School. This young female has a really great Mom. But, we are downsizing and Mary will have to go. She is up for adoption. Call if interested.


We have learned the hard way
not to leave these 2 girls
unsupervised for any length
of time. The one on the left is
Lady Bug and the red girl is
Kitty. Why Kitty? Because
she can climb like a cat have
decided to keep Kitty one more
litter; we have a new red male
would love a little girl from her.

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