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Please call or text 575-309-5571  My husband has been in the hospital, but he is out at this time. If I don't answer leave me a text I'll get back as soon as possible. Thank You!!

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These are the ones of the older Husky's we're trying to find forever homes.  


NOTICE: At times we have
a few older retired dogs
that are avaliable for
adoption to forever homes.
 "Good" forever homes. Call Chris at
575-218-0061. No text messages to this number,
PLEASE! Business Hours 9AM to 5PM
No Text Messages to Janice After 9:30PM

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 Notice: We do not guarantee eye color.


This guy is turning more silver every day; looking more like Don; he's going to make a big boy last weight was 37 lbs. He needs a permanent home. $150.00



This red girl is out of Abbi and Copper. We ended up with four red pups and they all iook great. She should be ready around 3-10-20. $300.00


This girl is out of Hulk and Rudy. This is their first litter and may I say, what a beautiful litter it is. She is so energetic and loves to grab your attention. This litter will be ready for a new home March 10th. $300.00 On HOLD for James B (2-25-20).


This young pup is out of Abbi and Copper. When we brought him inside, he adapted very quickly and made himself comfortable. He will be ready March 10th for $300.00


This boy is out of Hulk and Rudy. He loves to play and is so sweet. He will be ready to leave to a forever home on March 10th. $300.00


Hulk's first litter sure are something. These puppies are very friendly and love to play. This lovely girl will be ready to leave on March 10th. $300.00 On HOLD Melissa C (2-24-20)


Siku and Don make some lovely puppies. This pup adapts to new environments very quickly. He will be ready to leave March 26th. $300.00

A few nights ago, I was watching a TV program about dogs and sledding. I noticed the colors of the dogs and most were very similar to Don. They sure looked beautiful speeding thru the valleys and hills. 

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This sharp looking male puppy is out of Siku and Don, he looks like his father. Siku was raised by my son we did some trading to own her. Please consider him, his price is only $100.00.


Keisha and Don's little boy is one out of seven boys and 3 girls. This nice boy will be ready around 12-26-19.   $150.00                    


Wow, what a beauty he is out of Abbi and Copper. After seeing this litter, maybe I should not retire Copper. This boy will be ready around March 10th.  $300.00


This beautiful boy is out of Abbi and Copper. He will be ready to leave March 10th. $300.00 


This girl is a beauty. She is out of Abbi and Copper, and will be ready to leave for a new home on March 10th. $400.00. 


This loving girl is out of Hulk and Rudy. Let me say, what a beautiful pup. She will be ready to leave on March 10th. $300.00


Whow, Siku sure has some sharp looking puppies. This male is by far one of the best pups and he is such a sweety. His parents are Siku and Don. He will be ready to leave March 26th. $300.00


Keisha's last little girl ready 12-26-19. This sweet girl is very social, the last time she was is our house, away from her mother and siblings, she just made herself at home.  $200.00 


This nice girl is out of Abbi and Copper, she is the only black puppy in this litter. If she takes after her parents, she will be very social and easy to train. March the 10th is her ready date. $300.00


Wow, this girl is out of Abbi and Copper. She sure is a beauty. She will be ready for a new home March 10th for $400.00


This sweet girl out of Rudy and Hulk. She will be ready to go to a loving family March 10th. $300.00


This young male is such a beauty. He is so loving and enjoys to play. His parents are Hulket and Rudy. He will be ready for his new home on March 10th. $300.00


This male looks so much like his dad. Siku and Don have made such a beautiful, loving pup. He will be ready to leave for a new home March 26th. $300.00

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