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NOTICE: At times we have
a few older retired dogs
that are avaliable for
adoption to forever homes.
 "Good" forever homes. Call Chris at
575-218-0061. No text messages to this number,
PLEASE! Business Hours 9AM to 5PM
No Text Messages to Janice After 9:30PM

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 Notice: We do not guarantee eye color.


This guy is turning more silver every day; looking more like Don

This nice boy is an odd color, just like his father. Don is very social, At first he had his on way of doing things. Don will probably be retired some time next year, if interested stay in touch he will be free to a good home. This male pup will be ready after 10-17-19. $400.00


This sharp looking male puppy is out of Siku and Don, he looks like his father. Siku was raised by my son we did some trading to own her. This beautiful boy will be ready after 10-26-19  $250.00 


This is a beautiful girl from Spirit and Grizzly. Grizzly is in my opinion, is the best looking male Siberian Husky that we have curently. This sweet girl will be ready around 10-26-19. $400.00


Keishia and Don's little girl is one of three. This sweet girl will be ready around 12-26-19.  $400.00


Keisha little boy; another one slow to hold ears up. Ready 12-26-19 $400.00

keishia;s girls

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This is another puppy from Mia and Don, her last litter out of him was great and these have started even better. This sweet puppy will be ready after 10-17-19. $500.00


This sweet boy is out of Siku and Don, he may stay on the small size because Siku is on the small size. She will be ready after 10-26-19.  $250.00 SOLD


This is Keshia and Don's little girl, she is also changing colors. It is anybodys guess as to what color this sweet girl will end up being. She will be ready around 12-26-19.  $400.00


Keisha and Don's little boy is one out of nine boys. This nice boy will be ready around 12-26-19. $400.00


Keish's little boy ready 12-26-19 $400.00 


This is Keisha and Don's little boy, he is a very sweet puppy. He will be ready around 12-26-19. He is turning more red every day.  $400.00 He is on SOLD for Caleb A


This beautiful boy is from Mercedes and Copper. I really like this litter, first there is a good mix of colors and markings. This beautiful boy will be ready around 10-26-19.  $400.00 On SOLD for Billie


Keishia's Little boy SOLD to Catlin & Jason Ready 12-26-19 $400.00


Keisha and Don's little boy is slowly holding his ears up. This nice boy will be ready around 12-26-19.  $400.00


Keisha's last little girl ready 12-26-19 $400.00 On HOLD on for Ramon

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