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Wishing all our customer's a Blessed Merry Christmas to you and your families. May you have many special blessings in 2020 the New Year ahead.

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NOTICE: At times we have
a few older retired dogs
that are avaliable for
adoption to forever homes.
 "Good" forever homes. Call Chris at
575-218-0061. No text messages to this number,
PLEASE! Business Hours 9AM to 5PM
No Text Messages to Janice After 9:30PM

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 Notice: We do not guarantee eye color.


This guy is turning more silver every day; looking more like Don; he's going to make a big boy last weight was 37 lbs.
 Discounted to $200.00 for the hoidays.

This nice boy is an odd color, just like his father. Don is very social, At first he had his on way of doing things. Don will probably be retired some time next year, if interested stay in touch he will be free to a good home. This male pup will be ready after 10-17-19. $400.00


This is another puppy from Mia and Don, her last litter out of him was great and these have started even better. This sweet puppy will be ready after 10-17-19. If you noticed the price between her and the others, well it is because this white girl is a super good puppy. She has everything that I think is good in a replacement breeder. I do not need her at this time, but she is worth what we are asking and we will set on her until we do need her.  $500.00


This is a girl out of Trinket and Copper, I'm pretty parcial to red and this girl is nice. You can own her after 1-20-20.   $400.00 On SOLD to Joey & Amalia!

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This sharp looking male puppy is out of Siku and Don, he looks like his father. Siku was raised by my son we did some trading to own her. This beautiful boy will be ready after 10-26-19 Discounted for the hoildays $150.00 


Keisha and Don's little boy is one out of seven boys and 3 girls. This nice boy will be ready around 12-26-19.   $400.00                    


This is a girl out of Trinket and Copper, she is a ten in other words she has a nice body and should grow out to be a larger than average female. She will be ready 1-20-20.  $400.00


This male is all white and should stay all white. If you don't realize it yet but, you can get a young husky for just $100.00 adoption fee. Some are the best of the best, first come first served. This white boy is still $400.00 Please try one of the older ones. It sure-enough is a good deal. SOLD to Andrew & Tonya.


This is a boy out of Trinket and Copper. He is a beauty, one of the nicest looking of the boys we have raised in 2019, to be sold in 2020. Trinket is the only female in our kennel of her breeding. She may be the tallest of our girls. This is the first litter she has raised. This beautiful boy will be ready 1-20-20.  $400.00


This is a beautiful girl from Spirit and Grizzly. Grizzly is in my opinion, is the best looking male Siberian Husky that we have curently. This sweet girl will be ready around 10-26-19. $400.00. Discounted for the holidays $200.00.


Keisha's last little girl ready 12-26-19. This sweet girl is very social, the last time she was is our house, away from her mother and siblings, she just made herself at home.  $400.00 


Keisha little boy; another one slow to hold ears up. Ready 12-26-19 $400.00


This red/white male is out of Trinket and Copper. As far as I know, Trinket doesn't have any red in her at all. Coppers parents were both red and he really marks his kids. This beautiful boy will be ready on 1-20-20.  $400.00

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