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Adoption to Good Forever Homes

NOTICE: At times we have
a few older retired dogs
that are avaliable for
adoption to forever homes.
 "Good" forever homes.
Call Chris at
Business Hours 9 AM to 5 PM
No Text Messages after 9:30PM  

Honey Bee and Peanut are up for adoption:

Honey Bee; is white and red piebald dachshund ; need to wait about 4 weeks make sure she's not pregnant.

Peanut; is Black and Tan dachshund We found a forever home. 

Sometimes there will be a adoption fee of a $100.00; I know if your willing to do that they will be going to a home that wants to love them.

List of Huskies $100 adoption fee:

Spirit 5 1/2 years

Mandy 2 years

Abbi 2 years

Mia 6 1/2 years

Siku 2 1/2 years

Copper 7 years

3 Girls with Rudy Black & White  oldest 2years; other two 1year


List of Free Huskies:

Same requirements as below:

Mercedes 6 years

Trinket 2 year

Rukia 6 years

Need to have good fencing for the huskies they are diggers and climbers best 6 foot or higher fencing. Need to know you have good yards for them. They are escape artist; don't want them to get away and ran over or hurt.

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This young lady is about 7 month old; we love to see her go to a good loving home. A $100.00 adoption fee. She is with Rudy


This young lady is about 7 months old. Would love to see her go to a good loving home. We are asking a $100.00 adoption fee. She is with Rudy


This is Savannah, she is free to a good home. Must have a good fenced in yard. She at least 11 years old or older; she was two when we got her one of our first breeders.


Older female with Rudy


This is Suzie

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