It is limited to the price of the puppy. If you return the puppy within 24 hours a full refund is
given. If a puppy get sick within 3 days depending on the situation a full refund is given. We shall under no circumstances be responsible or liable for any expenses incurred without a written consent. In other words, if you choose to take a sick puppy to a Vet instead of bringing it back to us, the expense is yours.
If you expose your puppy to a lot of people, like going to a birthday party the first day, we will not guarantee the puppy. If you go on vacation or take puppy on a truck ride before it is acclimated to it’s new home there will be NO GUARANTTEE.

Please limit the first few days, remember that this puppy is a baby and needs to be treated as
such. If for any reason in the future, you decide you do not want the dog anymore. We will post a picture
of your dog to help find a good home for them. (We will need a updated picture and a good phone
number for people to contact you.)

The Weems family has been breeding dogs for over 25 years and this has brought much enjoyment to our lives. We desire to breed the best pet quality puppies available. The genetics of our dogs are kept by myself so we do not accidently do any linebreeding. My records are available to view; all you have to do is ask.