Chicken and Rice

Bland Diet

Boil chicken in chicken broth & water (I use bone chicken broth)
When done take chicken out to cut into tiny pieces.
I use instance rice, put into stock add your eggs and beat well add lid and let set (make sure your burner is off).
I cut may chicken while rice gets ready; then add the chicken to the
rice and egg mixture.
2 chicken thighs boneless and skinless

1 cup of rice per cup of broth (makes approximately 2 cups)
3-4 eggs

Per Puppy (once a day as a treat)
2 cookie scoop of chicken and rice
Add a heaping 2 tsp of cottage cheese a heaping tsp of plain Greek yogurt
I add Dyne and vitamins in mine.

A study of the core vaccine including parvo, distemper and adenovirus show results of effectiveness of the parvo vaccine when given once at these specific ages:
6 weeks of age= 52% effective
9 weeks of age= 88% effective
12 weeks of age=100% effective

New Update:

**********I’ve been using Little Cesar’s Chicken & Turkey in gravy as a once a day treat since my husband’s health. I need to get back to cooking for my babies again.***********