My Re-Homing Page

I would like to find good Home for Hades (he is neutered ) and Nikki Nikker’s. Must have secure yard and good fences. Good loving forever home. Would like for them to go together they have been together their whole lives. (Huskies) Call or text for information. There is a adoption fee. A forever home these two have been together their whole lives very bonded.


Some updated pictures of Hades he’ll be 2 years old in May. Shy with strangers.

Nikki Nikkers

November 28, 2023 Nikki Nikker’s will be 3 years old.


Requirements must have a fenced in good yard. Must be willing to make them part of your family; if things do not go well with them as you thought. Must bring them back to me. I do not want them going to a rescue, pound, or hopping from home to a different home. A good home for the rest of their lives with lots of love and snuggle time. So they will truly know they are loved and wanted.There will be a small rehoming fee.

I would like to send a special THANK YOU to all my past customers for loving may babies all these years. Especially for their loving families and forever home. For all the pictures and updates over the years those were my blessing you sent my way.This is a end of another chapter in my life. And a new one as I wait and see what God has instore for the last chapter. Any way again a special thank you.


Binkie in the front Winkie in the back. These girls are sisters they are 8 years old. My husbands girls.

Binkie to the Left and Winkie (barking) to the Right. Binkie is a bit more chunky.

Must be forever homes; they will be I guess you would call taking a forever break. Must promise to have them spayed. I would like to know you have had them spayed. I would like for them to be couch potatoes and snuggle buddies and lap and bed babies.