My Re-Homing Page

I would like to find good Home for Hades (he is neutered ) and Nikki Nikker’s. Must have secure yard and good fences. Good loving forever home. (Huskies) Call or text for information. There is a adoption fee. A forever home these two have been together their whole lives very bonded.


Some updated pictures of Hades he’ll be 2 years old in May. Shy with strangers.

Nikki Nikkers

November 28, 2023 Nikki Nikker’s will be 3 years old.


Requirements must have a fenced in good yard. Must be willing to make them part of your family; if things do not go well with them as you thought. Must bring them back to me. I do not want them going to a rescue, pound, or hopping from home to a different home. A good home for the rest of their lives with lots of love and snuggle time. So they will truly know they are loved and wanted.There will be a small rehomomg fee.

Rocky Mountain Rescue in Colorado has contacted me. I told them I wound contact them in 3-4 weeks. So if you are interested in any one need to contact me. When I call them and they come they will take what I have left even my senior Casper and Widget. Broken hearted but answered prayer for my babies. I know they will find them loving homes. They have for us in the past years.

Older Cocker Spaniels :

Chocolate and White Parti Girls

Coco September 21, 2023 4 years old (Put up to whelp). She had 4 babies 9-17-23 Sold one puppy so far.

Cream Pie September 21, 2023 4 years old

Zippy 3 years old December 2,2023

Macy found a good loving forever home I believe with 1/2 sister. A praise knowing she will be loved.

Macy with Zippy! Shay will be taking Zippy and one of her puppies as soon as everyone has a home. Due any time.

Macy 6 Years old (I thought I moved her before she came in season; she had one puppy. 9-4-23) SOLD her little girl to Melanie G. She was my husband’s bed baby; till he had to go on oxygen,

Digit 3 years old


Widget ( Chris’ Girl) Special Needs: Sweet hyper girl.

Goldie 5 years old

Unexpected we put Goldie in to whelp today. 11-9-23 Goldie has a new home will be living with one of her daughters .As soon as babies are weaned and hopefully going to their forever homes too.

Cream Pie and Goldie

Shadow found a forever home today she will be 3 years old in December. Forgot to get a picture before she left today. She was my sweet girl; seems my girls are going first. she looked a lot like Macy. 8/21/23

Roosevelt $500

3Yeras old


This is Teddy when he was younger too! will try to get updated pictures of them soon. $300

3 Years Old

Updated picture: Parents Schnitzel’s boy. Ready for their forever families and home. Almost 10 months old. $350.00 each




Binkie in the front Winkie in the back. These girls are sisters they are 8 years old. My husbands girls.

Binkie to the Left and Winkie (barking) to the Right. Binkie is a bit more chunky.

Updated picture: Parents Schnitzel’s boy. Ready for his forever family and home. Almost 10 months old. $350.00 each I will be a year old 1-1-24

Must be forever homes; they will be I guess you would call taking a forever break. Must promise to have them spayed. I would like to know you have had them spayed. I would like for them to be couch potatoes and snuggle buddies and lap and bed babies.